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Jesus: Promised Like No Other

Jesus was like no other. He never wrote a book, a song or traveled more than 300 miles from his home. Yet, there are few places on earth where people haven’t heard his name.

Join us as we explore how Jesus was truly like none other! In this first episode, Pastor Tim explores how He was promised like no other.

Read along with us in Isaiah 52:13-15 and Isaiah 53:2-12.


Easter 2015 – Who Would Die For A Lie?

While many agree that Jesus is in fact a historical figure, some claim that he was merely a good person, perhaps a great teacher. However, when we look at those who followed Him, the disciples, and what happened after His death and resurrection, we must pose the question…Who would die for a lie?

Join us as Pastor Tim explores this and unpacks why Christians believe Jesus was more than a good teacher.

Read along with us in Mark 16:1-8 and 1 Corinthians 15:3-7.